This Is Future, I Need It

So, I just got my Volkswagen magazine in the mail, and at first I thought “I neeeeeeed to cancel this subscription, or maybe it ends soon…” THEN I decided to look at the pictures real quick, and there was an article about this new concept car, the VW Bulli. I guess it’s the new micro bus concept, and it’s SO COOL. LOOK HOW COOL IT IS. I’m so buying one if they make them for real. I wish I was mega rich and famous so they’d just give me one. all the seats even fold down so you can make it a camper, which is perfect for when you are partying and have nowhere to pass out. Also, best road trip car ever.

PS It’s electric so, tree hugger boner. oh wait, maybe that makes it not so best road trip car ever-y…… evs I still need one

More details on the VW Blog


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